At The Nye Law Group, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service and personalization to each and every client we represent. Client satisfaction is our number one priority and we do everything we can to help ensure your case is handled in the way that best serves your interests.

Some of the most recent client testimonials we have received, included below, are a testament to the commitment we have to our clients. Our attorneys are solely dedicated to helping make sure our clients’ rights are protected, no matter the situation.

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Mr. Nye has been my attorney in a case since last year. During mediations I watched him make other lawyers look like they didn't belong in the same room. He gave me a sense of security in the legal system that I never had before. He is by far and away the best lawyer in Savannah and will always be a member of our extended family.

A. Stewart
SFC, USA Retired

I just wanted to properly thank you for the excellent service you provided me. I never had used a lawyer for anything in the past; I never had a need for one. I know that a lot of lawyers get a stigma placed on them just for being lawyers. I’m sure in some cases this is justified because there are a lot of lawyers and just people in life who really don’t care about their fellows and are only in it for themselves. I understand it is a business like any other, but just like finding a good car mechanic, some run up the bill on BS repairs and some are honesty and do the right thing. You, sir, are an honest man, and I appreciate your straight forward to the point approach with my case. It was a pleasure working with you, and I was very pleased to find a man of value and integrity to handle my case. I have recommended you to several people already and I wish you well in all of your endeavors. Tell your staff and your wife they also provided me with fantastic service and I greatly appreciate it. Some day when I’m downtown going to the galley I will pop in to say hello. Thanks again Mr. Nye, Great job!  

Jonathan G Keller Client

The Nye Law Group fights hard, strong, and with vigor. I could never understand the magnitude and depths of their motto “Aggressive Representation” until I found myself indicted on federal charges in which the court reassured me with all certainly that I would face several years if found guilty. I was immediately made aware that most federal cases do not avoid going to trial, regardless of whether they have little or much evidence. The chances of the government dropping the charges, as cited in past cases involving the government, were slim to totally impossible. I was in dire need of an attorney with “Aggressive Representation.” I had never been in trouble with the law before, and could not image going to prison for something I did not commit. Fear and anxiety kept me awake at night all of these things are in the past now, because today, against all odds, I am free, and I owe that to “Aggressive Representation” of The Nye Law Group. From the very beginning, my attorney, Attorney Nye, proved that my best interest was of primary importance. We built an attorney/client relationship from the threshold of the legal process. Communication, whether through phone calls or visits to the firm, were consistent and meaningful. He helped me to understand all of the particulars of my case, and kept me informed of our progress. He examined and reexamined witnesses to get to the truth. He spoke to necessary persons with boldness, confidence, and competence concerning me. There was never a time when I did not feel that Attorney Nye was not fighting relentlessly for me. When he learned that the government had dropped the case and that my federal case was not going to trial, I was notified about the news and that I could start enjoying life again. What I take from my experience with this law firm is that there are many law firms in the local Savannah area with solid reputation for years of service, but knowing whom to call and choosing the right one is the difference between winning and losing. I CHOSE THE RIGHT LAW FIRM! Their expertise, skill, and superior service are established on a solid foundation. Had it not been for their diligence to fight on my behalf, story might not have a happy ending. Thank You, Attorney Nye.

Belinda M. Client

Thanks for all your Help! It was Greatly Appreciated!     Great Work!

Jamie Client

Thank you for all that you did for my son, S.M. I truly appreciate it! Best Regards.

Dianne Client

My thanks to you!

Tess Client

I give great thanks to Mr. Nye, Mrs. Jackie and all who were involved in my case. I am so please with the way of you all helped me. I won’t ever forget any of you and how professional you all are. I know where to send those in need of a great lawyer. God Bless all of you. The Nye Law Group will always outshine all others.

Tina Client

Thank you so much for your continued advice and legal help with my probation you guys all great friendly and I am so lucky to have you’ll in my life! Cheers

S.L. Client


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