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Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere at any time and they can lead to serious injuries that require expensive medical treatment. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if business owners had done a better job maintaining their property.

If you were injured from a fall, you should contact a Savannah slip and fall lawyer at The Nye Law Group as soon as possible. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases and recovering fair compensation for many of our clients.

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Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many kinds of hazards that can cause different types of accidents, including:

  • Trip and fall - An obstacle or debris in your path caused you to fall.
  • Step and fall - You stepped somewhere where there was an unexpected hole or issue on the walkway.
  • Slip and fall - You fell after slipping on a wet surface or slick walkway.

All of these accidents can cause serious injuries, including head injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and neck and back injuries.

If you think that you suffered an injury because of the property owner's negligence, you should contact the Savannah slip and fall lawyers at the Nye Law Group to see if you are entitled compensation. We have an extensive track record of holding property owners accountable for negligence.

What to do after a Slip and Fall Accident

You may feel confused about what to do after falling and injuring yourself. Our Savannah slip and fall lawyers advise you to take the following steps to create a record of what happened and document the extent of your injuries:

  • Get treatment immediately - Take pictures of your injury and hold onto any medical records pertaining to your treatment. You should also keep a journal to note any changes in your condition.
  • Report the accident to the property owner - Tell the property owner exactly what happened, and get a copy of the incident report if the business filed one.
  • Take photos at the scene of the accident - You need photographic proof that an area was unsafe. Get a picture as soon as possible before the property owner fixes the obstruction that caused you to fall.
  • Talk to witnesses - If people witnessed your fall, get their contact information so you can get in touch with them later.
  • Keep records of missed time at work - Keep a record of the dates and times that you were unable to go to work due to a doctor's appointment or pain from your injury.

Taking these steps and contacting the Savannah slip and fall lawyers at The Nye Law Group will go a long way toward building a strong case. Our caring attorneys know how traumatic these accidents can be and we want to make sure you receive compensation for what happened. It costs nothing to contact us to discuss your claim.

How to Prove a Business or Property Owner is Liable

The condition of the property at the time of your accident is the main factor in being able to assign liability to the property owner. Property owners must keep their properties safe and well maintained. If they fail to do this, they can be held liable for both long-standing and temporary hazards on their property.

Temporary hazards include things like snow or ice on a sidewalk or a wet floor in a place with no caution signs. Long-standing hazards include cracked sidewalks, loose handrails or broken steps.

You need an experienced attorney who understands all of these factors to find out who is liable for your injuries. The Savannah slip and fall attorneys at The Nye Law Group know how to compile the right evidence to build a convincing case.

Savannah Slip and Fall Lawyers Are Ready to Help

The caring attorneys at The Nye Law Group have seen how slip-and-fall injuries can impact people financially, physically and emotionally. Our attorneys work hard so that victims of these accidents can get back on their feet and in good health as soon as possible.

If your injury was caused by the property owner's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, ongoing treatment, or any other costs you incurred from your injury.

The Savannah slip and fall lawyers at The Nye Law Group are ready to fight for your rights and hold negligent property owners accountable. Contact us today so we can discuss your claim.


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