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In Georgia, there are a number of types of damages that can be awarded to an injury victim at the conclusion of a personal injury lawsuit. In certain cases of extreme misconduct, a jury may also award punitive damages that are meant to punish the at-fault party, whether an individual or a corporation.

These types of damages are well-known by many as large sums of punitive damages are often awarded in high-profile cases, such as product liability lawsuits. These cases are often very complex and require a Savannah personal injury lawyer with years of experience handling difficult cases.

The Georgia punitive damages lawyers at The Nye Law Group have handled a number of cases that have called for these types of damages. If you feel that your injury was the result of extreme misconduct or malice, we may be able to help you get the justice you deserve with punitive damages.

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Types of Damages

Courts in the United States will award compensation, or damages, to an individual who has suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to another’s negligence or recklessness. This compensation is meant to put that individual in the same position he or she would have been in if the injury or death had not occurred. The primary goal is to help make that person whole again.

The most common type of compensation that victims are awarded are compensatory damages, which can include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity

Victims may also be entitled to non-compensatory damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other non-tangible injuries.

What Are Punitive Damages?

Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages are only awarded in certain circumstances in which there is clear and convincing evidence that the at-fault party showed “willful misconduct, malice, fraud, wantonness, oppression, or that entire want of care which would raise the presumption of conscious indifference to consequences.”

These damages are not meant to help the victim, but are instead intended to punish and penalize the at-faulty party in hopes that the payment will deter that party or others from engaging in the same behavior.
In Georgia, negligence alone, even gross negligence, does not typically qualify an award of punitive damages. Only the most extreme types of cases generally warrant these types of damages. These can include:

  • Dangerous or defective products
  • Intentional or violent acts
  • Drunk driving
  • Battery
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices

Situations in which an individual or corporation acts egregiously and demonstrates a total disregard for any resulting consequences will often warrant an award of punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages.

The Georgia punitive damages lawyers at The Nye Law Group are well-versed in the laws regulating these types of damages. Through a thorough review of your accident and injuries, we will be able to determine if the at-fault’s party’s actions were so extreme that punitive damages may be awarded.

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Punitive Damages Limitations

It is important to note that there are some limits and restrictions on the amount of punitive damages that can be awarded in a single case in Georgia.

In most cases, except product liability cases and those in which there was a specific intent to cause harm, punitive damages are limited to $250,000 regardless of the number of persons or companies sued.

Although there are no limits to the amount of punitive damages that can be awarded in a product liability case, 75 percent of the award must be paid to the state.

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