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When an error is made in the drug or medication dosage you are prescribed, serious and life-threatening consequences can result. If the healthcare professional you trusted with your health acts negligently and causes you harm because of a medication error, you may be entitled to compensation.

If you or a family member became seriously ill or died because of a medication error, you need an experienced lawyer who can help you get compensation for your suffering. The medication error lawyers at The Nye Law Group understand the complexities of medicine and the law and are experienced in building strong cases on behalf of our clients.

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Types of Medication Mistakes

Medication mistakes can be the result of a number of common errors, including:

  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Failing to give patients the correct dosage
  • Neglecting to warn patients of all of the risks associated with a medication
  • Failing to take into account medications that cause dangerous side effects when used together
  • Failing to check a patient’s medical history
  • Prescribing medication based on incomplete medical history

An error can also occur if a pharmacist gives out the wrong medication because the doctor who wrote the prescription had bad or illegible handwriting.

There are many steps in the medication process, which creates many opportunities for these kinds of mistakes to occur. Medication errors can occur when medications are being administered or when healthcare professionals are monitoring the side effects of a drug. If patients experience harmful side effects or allergies, doctors have a duty to act to remedy the situation.

Our Savannah medical malpractice lawyers have decades of experience investigating these types of cases in order to determine if a healthcare professional’s actions, or failures to act, caused you harm. You can trust that we will thoroughly investigate your claim to determine who should be held liable for your injuries.

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How to Win a Medication Error Lawsuit

Medical malpractice lawsuits are very complex cases that require a wealth of evidence to prove that a healthcare professional was negligent in their handling of your health. In order to do this, you must prove several things, including:

Physician-patient relationship: Your medication error lawyer must prove that you hired the healthcare provider and that the they agreed to treat you. You can only file a lawsuit for malpractice that was committed within the scope of their employment.

Violation of duty of care: Your attorney must also prove that your healthcare provider had a duty of care to you and that they broke this duty. If they did not act as another professional would have in a similar situation, they have violated their duty of care.

Causation: You have to prove a causal relationship between your injury and the negligence of your doctor, physician or other healthcare provider. You need to show that the breach of the duty of care was the proximate cause of your injury.

Damages: Did your injury result in medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering or damage to your future earning potential? A court will not hold a healthcare professional liable unless you can prove that your injury led to economic or emotional damages.

These cases are complex and require a legal team that understands those complexities. Your lawyer must be able to interpret medical documents, consult the right experts, and be prepared for the strategies the defense will use.

The attorneys at The Nye Law Group have years of experience handling these types of lawsuits, and we know how to build a strong case that can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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