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The obvious reward for blowing the whistle on organizations and individuals who are financially defrauding the government is the knowledge that you have stepped up and done the right thing.

However, there is also often a financial reward for qui tam lawsuits, as whistleblowers may be entitled to a percentage of the money recovered by the government under the False Claims Act. Unfortunately, you could miss out on a lot of that money without experienced legal representation.

The Nye Law Group's Hinesville whistleblower lawyers have the skill and knowledge to make sure your qui tam claim is filed correctly and has the best chance to be successful. In the past several years, we have recovered thousands of dollars for many of our qui tam clients.

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Reasons to File a Qui Tam Lawsuit

There are many ways for corporations and individuals to financially defraud the government. These are some of the most common examples of financial fraud:

  • Mortgage fraud: This can be committed by mortgage brokers, appraisers, and other real estate or mortgage professionals. It can include actions by a borrower to fraudulently acquire or continue to own a house.
  • Tax fraud: This is when companies do not report income, assets or property, use unauthorized tax deductions, or falsely file their taxes.
  • Corporate misrepresentation: This can involve overbilling for goods and services, misrepresenting services that were provided, or filing false reports.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud: This occurs when healthcare professionals attempt to make more money using fraudulent billing, duplicate insurance claims and unnecessary services, among other things.

If you are aware of any of these kinds of fraud, you have the power to put a stop to it and you could be compensated for coming forward. Contact our Hinesville whistleblower lawyers today for a 100-percent free consultation to see if you can file a qui tam lawsuit.

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Filing a Qui Tam Lawsuit

If you know any individuals or companies that are defrauding the government, the False Claims Act says that you have to file a qui tam lawsuit within six years of the occurrence of the fraud and within three years of the time the government knows or should have known about it.

The False Claims Act also stipulates that the whistleblower has to file the lawsuit, not a third party. The other requirements for qui tam lawsuits include:

  • Claims must be filed under seal: This means that no one else besides the government has access to the allegations.
  • The U.S. government must receive a copy of the complaint: The government reviews the allegations and decides to join the case. If the government joins the case, there is a much greater chance for success.
  • The claim is kept confidential until the seal is lifted: The lawsuit is sealed for 60 days, and after the seal is lifted, a settlement may be agreed upon between the accused and the accuser.

If your qui tam lawsuit is successful, either through a settlement or a favorable verdict, you could receive a percentage of the funds that are recovered. If the government joined your case, you could receive as much as 25 percent, and if the government did not join your case you could receive up to 30 percent of the recovered money.

Our experienced Hinesville whistleblower lawyers can guide you through every step of the process and will work tirelessly to help maximize your compensation. We believe that courageous individuals who expose fraud deserve compensation for their good deeds.

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Legal Protections for Whistleblowers

The main reason that people do not come forward to expose corruption is that they do not want to risk getting fired, demoted, threatened or harassed by their employers. That is why there are multiple laws that offer protection for whistleblowers, including the Federal Claims Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act.

However, just because it is illegal does not mean every employer will follow the law. Whistleblowers may suffer adverse employment actions for filing qui tam lawsuits, including losing their jobs.

That is why you should contact The Nye Law Group's Hinesville whistleblower lawyers to handle your qui tam claim. We will be there to fight for your rights if your employer decides to break the law and retaliate against you because you exposed fraud.

Our Hinesville whistleblower lawyers have a detailed understanding of the different protections the law provides for whistleblowers and we know how to apply that understanding to secure a favorable compensation for our clients.

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Consulting a Hinesville Whistleblower Lawyer

It is tough to decide to blow the whistle on your employer because you know the people that work there and you may even have personal relationships with them. The good news is that you have legal protection and you could be compensated for filing a qui tam lawsuit.

Our Hinesville whistleblower lawyers will be there every step of the way to make sure your lawsuit has the best chance for success. We will work tirelessly so you get the maximum compensation you are entitled.

Our skilled attorneys are also prepared to fight for your rights if your employer retaliates against you for exposing their fraud. We will make sure the relevant laws are applied to your case so your rights are protected.

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