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Suffering a burn injury can be a terrifying experience with many victims left disfigured and in need of painful surgeries and other medical treatment. To make matters worse, these treatments are not cheap and there is no guarantee that they will end a victim’s suffering.

However, if the injury was caused by another person's negligence, victims may be entitled to compensation to help them pay for treatment. If your burn injury was caused by negligence, contact The Nye Law Group's Hinesville burn injury lawyers to discuss your claim. Our experienced attorneys have seen the devastation caused by burn injuries and we have won fair compensation for many victims of severe injuries.

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Types of Burn Injuries and Their Effects

Most burns can be divided into one of four categories:

  • Electrical burns from high voltage electric current
  • Scalding burns from hot oil or hot water
  • Chemical burns from bleach, acid or other toxic substances
  • Thermal burns from natural gas or propane explosions

Burns are also classified in three degrees based on their severity, which is determined by the temperature of the substance that caused the burn and the duration of exposure to the substance:

  • First Degree - These kinds of burns only affect the outer layer of skin and tend to look like a painful sunburn. They usually heal within three to five days and require minimal time in the hospital.
  • Second Degree - This can take several weeks to heal because it affects the inner as well as outer layers of skin. These burns are bright red or pink and may be blistered or wet.
  • Third Degree - These burns affect every layer of skin, even reaching muscle and bone. These injuries can take months to heal and victims often lose use of the area and have permanent scarring. These burns look yellow or black in color.

Victims of burn injuries often have chronic pain, nerve damage, permanent scarring, disfigurement and they sometimes require amputations that leave them permanently disabled.

In many cases, the injury was caused by someone else and it could have been avoided, which is why you need to contact a skilled Hinesville burn injury lawyer to fight for your rights. The Nye Law Group's skilled attorneys will carefully review your claim and fight for any compensation you are entitled.

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Burn Injury Negligence

Every severe burn injury is tragic, but it is particularly tragic when the injury was caused by someone else's negligent actions. Those actions could include:

  • Leaving a child alone in a kitchen with hot cooking oil
  • Car accidents that cause a vehicle to burst into flames as a result of negligent or impaired drivers
  • Product manufacturers making defective products that can catch on fire
  • Improperly labeling chemicals or exposed electrical wiring that puts workers at risk
  • Companies that do not follow safety guidelines when working with acids and pressurized gases
  • Home builders who use cheap, faulty wiring

These reckless, negligent actions put people at risk for severe burn injuries that easily could have been avoided. But, proving others' negligence is a complex, time-consuming process that is tough to deal with after you have been seriously injured.

That is why you need competent legal representation from a burn injury lawyer. The Nye Law Group's Hinesville burn injury lawyers have many years of experience investigating burn claims to prove where negligence occurred.

We have a detailed understanding of the insurance claims process and the workers' compensation process. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation that you are entitled so you can try to make the most of your life after a severe injury.

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Hinesville Burn Injury Lawyers Are Ready to Help You

Burn injury victims will require a lot of medical care, including prescription medications, surgeries and even psychological counseling to recover from their severe injury. But these treatments are not cheap and most people are not financially prepared to pay for all of the care required after a serious injury.

That is why you need experienced legal representation from a Hinesville burn injury lawyer. The Hinesville burn injury lawyers at The Nye Law Group have handled many of these cases and secured compensation for victims.

We believe that you deserve to have great medical care without being saddled with medical debt that you can never pay off.

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