How Long after a Demand Letter Does a Settlement Take? 

Have you been injured in Georgia because of another person’s thoughtless or wrongful actions? You could be working on a personal injury claim to get compensated for your accident and the losses that resulted from it. You might have a lot of questions about the process of filing a claim and winning a settlement.

One of the questions you probably have is related to how long your claim will take to reach completion. The timeline will vary from case to case, but we will discuss the general timeline below for informational purposes.

Personal Injury Claim Timeline

There are several steps to the personal injury claim process, and each step takes time. For instance, it could take you a few days to several months on average to investigate your accident and gather evidence. For extremely complex cases, you could be collecting evidence for a year or longer.

After you have enough evidence to prove your case in Georgia, you need to calculate your claim’s total value. This means adding up all of your losses, including future losses. This step could take a few weeks to several months. If you’re waiting on information from your doctor, you may have to wait until you get that information before you can submit your claim with an insurer.

After putting your claim together, the next step is insurance negotiations. This step can take days to weeks. The good news here is that insurers are not allowed to make you wait an unreasonable amount of time to receive a settlement. 

After you send an insurance settlement demand letter, you should hear back within a few weeks. If you aren’t happy with an insurer’s offer, several rounds of negotiating could take place. This step shouldn’t take longer than a few months, assuming your claim is approved.

If your claim is denied, you may have to take your case to court, which will lengthen the injury claim process considerably. If your case goes to court, it could take a year or longer for your case to reach a resolution. Courts also aren’t allowed to delay justice unreasonably, though.

Altogether, your claim could take anywhere from a few months to a year or longer to reach resolution. Your case could resolve faster, though, if you have a lawyer on your team.

Get in Touch with a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re looking at filing a personal injury claim, you might be hoping to get the process over sooner rather than later. A lawyer might be able to speed up the process for you. They know all the steps to the process, which means they won’t have any delays trying to figure out how to win your claim. 

Insurance companies are also less likely to delay a claim when you have a lawyer. The insurer doesn’t want to deal with any legal trouble. To discuss your claim with a Georgia injury lawyer in a free case review, call 912-200-5230 to reach The Nye Law Group.

When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident 

One of the most common types of accidents in Savannah is the car accident. It can happen to anyone, and it will likely happen to you at least once in your lifetime. 

If you have been in an accident recently, you might not know how to handle what comes after. You might be unsure of whether you should file a claim with your own car insurance company or if you should file a claim against someone else. You might not know if this is something you can handle on your own or if you should hire a lawyer.

These questions need answers. Not every car accident demands assistance from a car accident lawyer. Let’s discuss when it’s appropriate to partner with an attorney.

Car Accident? Here’s When to Get a Lawyer

If you were sitting at a traffic light when a car came up and tapped your bumper because the driver misjudged the distance, you might not need to get a lawyer. You can file a claim against that person’s insurance company because they damaged your bumper. You weren’t hurt, and your vehicle wasn’t greatly damaged.

Accidents known as fender benders don’t usually require the help of an attorney for claim resolution. 

If you were seriously injured and your property was significantly damaged, though, you will likely want a lawyer’s help with filing a claim. It’s important you get your claim right because you will probably need money from a settlement to get your life back on track. You need to get the most out of your claim because that money could be important to your life happiness.

If you are unable to work because of your injuries, that money might even act as income for a time. Your settlement should cover property damage, all of your medical bills, and pain and suffering, among other losses.

A lawyer can help you get the settlement you need.

How a Lawyer Can Help You with a Car Accident Claim

Before you decide whether to get an attorney, you need to know what they do. 

  • First, a lawyer can give you legal advice right away. This can improve your car accident case, as you’ll be less likely to make mistakes that can hurt or weaken your case.
  • Second, your lawyer can help you collect evidence needed to prove your case.
  • Third, calculating a claim’s value is a challenging step in the process, and your lawyer can take care of this step for you.
  • Fourth, they can deal with the insurance company on your behalf. Insurers can be tough to negotiate with, so having a lawyer can be a real asset here.
  • Fifth, although court is rare, your lawyer could litigate your case for you.

Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer in Savannah

Connect with a Savannah car accident lawyer when you need help with your car accident claim. Find one at The Nye Law Group by completing the internet form below or calling 912-200-5230. You can get a free case analysis just for contacting our firm.

How to Sue for Medical Mistakes in Georgia 

When you go to a doctor in Savannah, you hope that they are going to do everything they can to help you with whatever ails you. You hope that they aren’t going to hurt you. Medical mistakes can happen, though, because doctors aren’t perfect. Not every mistake a doctor makes will allow you to sue for medical malpractice.

So, how do you know when you can sue for medical malpractice in Georgia? There are a few ways to know. One, you can easily ask a Savannah medical malpractice lawyer who will tell you whether you have a case. The other way to know is to examine your case to see if it has all of the elements of medical negligence.

Elements of Medical Negligence

There are several elements that must be present for most medical malpractice cases in Georgia to move forward. Here are the main elements.

You Were Being Treated by a Medical Practitioner

The first and most obvious element that must be present in a medical malpractice case is whether a particular doctor was treating you. You simply need to have evidence that the doctor or medical provider in question treated you. This is to prevent random people from suing doctors who never treated them in the first place.

Were You Injured?

The second element that must be proved in a medical malpractice case is that the actions of a doctor or medical provider caused you harm. If you weren’t harmed, you have no reason to file a claim. This is important because a lot of people want to sue because they were almost harmed. 

When you were almost harmed because of a medical error, this event is frightening. You may want to sue simply for the emotional suffering you went through because of the scary situation you were in. However, almost harmed is not harmed, and you can’t sue for that.

Were the Doctor’s Actions Negligent?

Another element of a medical malpractice case is that the doctor’s actions, which resulted in you being harmed, were negligent. As mentioned earlier, doctors make mistakes. They could accidentally harm a patient even though they made every effort not to. If you can’t prove negligence, you may not have a malpractice case. Talk to a lawyer to be sure. 

Proving negligence is the most difficult aspect of a medical malpractice case. It often requires the testimony of another medical professional who can speak to whether the actions of the doctor in question were out of the ordinary.

Did You Suffer Damages?

The final element that must be proved in a medical malpractice case is whether you suffered damages. If a doctor made a mistake during surgery, but that mistake didn’t cause you any lasting harm or damages, you may not have a case. 

For example, suppose a doctor does injure you during hand surgery by cutting your pinkie finger. If the doctor quickly stitched up the cut and no lasting harm was done, you might not be able to sue the doctor.

Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Georgia

If you have further questions about whether you have a medical malpractice case in Savannah, Georgia, just call a lawyer at our firm. The call is free. The Nye Law Group can be reached through the online form below or call 912-200-5230.

How Much to Expect from a Car Accident Settlement

There’s never a sure way to predict how much your car accident claim is worth. Various factors influence the value of your insurance claim, and no blanket estimate will fit into every situation. Combine this fact with Florida being a no-fault state, and it’s challenging to determine the value of your auto accident claim on a surface level.

However, understanding what can impact your auto accident claim can better inform you about how to pursue your compensation and how much may be included in your claim. 

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

Florida’s no-fault policy means that all drivers have to carry some form of auto insurance. What this means for you is that if you’re involved in an auto accident, then regardless of who caused it, you and the other driver will have to file claims with your respective insurance companies. 

This mandatory policy can cover damages such as medical bills, property damages, lost wages, and more. On the surface, this seems beneficial because both parties can recover from their losses relatively quickly. However, Florida’s no-fault insurance has a limit on how much damage it can cover after your auto accident. 

Once you reach the “injury threshold,” then you may have the option to file a claim against the other driver directly. Generally speaking, significant damages, such as traumatic brain injuries, as an example, are the usual suspects when it comes to passing the injury threshold. 

What Should You Do If Your Injuries Are Significant? 

If your damages are significant and they’re over the injury threshold, it’s essential to take the necessary actions to prove the negligence of the other party. You should also be able to demonstrate how the actions of the other party have negatively impacted your way of life. 

For example, when you’re pursuing an auto accident claim, it’s essential to take plenty of pictures of your accident and injuries. It would help if you also gathered as many witness statements as you can, along with the police report detailing your accident. 

Your medical reports will also play a huge factor in your car accident claim. If you’re suffering from any permanent injuries, such as paralysis of your lower body, as one example, then having a detailed medical report can significantly support your auto accident claim. 

Does Passing the Injury Threshold Guarantee More Compensation? 

Although your damages may pass the injury threshold for no-fault insurance, this does not guarantee you will receive more compensation from your car accident claim. Remember, your car accident claim has to be successful in obtaining more compensation for your damages. The process of gathering evidence and creating a case against the other party is still necessary before you can obtain compensation for your significant losses. Although many auto accident claims settle out of court, there’s always a chance that your case will go to trial and drag on for longer than you expected. 

Speak with an Auto Accident Lawyer 

Speaking with the auto accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo can help you determine what option is best for you. If your auto accident has reached the threshold for damages and you want to sue the other party, our car accident attorneys can help you fight for your compensation. 

Contact us now by calling 561-659-6366 or filling out the contact form at the bottom of this webpage. 

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte? Here’s How to Tell

If you’ve been in an accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, you may need an injury lawyer if your damages are the result of someone’s recklessness. Maybe the at-fault party dropped a heavy object on your foot, or their wet floors caused you to slip and injure your head. There are numerous ways someone’s actions could have caused you damages.

However, you may not know if you have ground to file an injury claim against the other party. You may not even know what damages you can recover if your injury claim is successful. To help, the following are ways you can tell if contacting an injury lawyer could be worth your time and injury. 

Did Another Party Cause Your Damages?

Before you can file an injury claim, you must first know who caused your damages. You have to fully know that another party was responsible for your injury and related losses. Whether your injury is a laceration or broken collar bone, you should be able to prove that the at-fault party caused your damages. 

Gathering evidence, such as medical reports, witness statements, police reports, and more, is a common way to accomplish this. Remember, you can’t just blindly accuse anyone of causing your damages. You must have a clear picture of who caused your accident and damages and how they hurt you. 

Do You Have Damages?

You must have damages before you can file an injury claim. For example, if surgery for your laceration was expensive, this is a valid form of damage. Experiencing lost wages as a result of your injury is another valid form of damage. Even emotional distress can serve as a form of damage. 

The simple act of taking photos and videos of your injury is a great way to prove the existence of damages caused by the other party. 

There are multiple things you can receive compensation for in an injury claim. If you’re able to prove that the other party was responsible, then you can increase your chances of receiving compensation. As intimidating as this may seem, contacting an injury lawyer can help you through this process.

How Can an Injury Lawyer in Charlotte Help You?

So how can a Charlotte injury lawyer help you, if you decide to contact one? If you choose to reach out to an injury attorney, then they can help you with any minor and major problems you may have with your injury claim. For example, an injury lawyer can help you gather evidence and create a compelling case against the other party. 

From speaking with insurance companies to filing your injury claim itself, an injury lawyer can help you in a variety of ways. Most importantly, an injury attorney can fight on your behalf and give you a fair chance of obtaining your compensation. 

Speak with a Charlotte Injury Lawyer

Have you decided to contact an injury lawyer in Charlotte? The Nye Law Group has got you covered! Our team of experienced injury attorneys can walk you through the process of filing your injury claim. We’re eager to help you with your injury claim and erase the burden of dealing with your case alone. 

If you’re interested in speaking with one of our injury lawyers, call us at 704-285-6319 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page. 



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