NHTSA Proposal Would Require Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication in New Vehicles

Posted on behalf of The Nye Law Group on Jan 05, 2017 in Car Accidents

highway during the dayLast month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed a rule requiring any new light-duty vehicles to have vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology.

The rule would also standardize V2V technology into a single format and programming environment. Regulators believe standardization will allow this technology to be adopted more quickly.

If the NHTSA proposal is put into full effect, V2V technology could save more than 1,300 lives per year, according to NHTSA estimates.  

V2V technology allows nearby vehicles to exchange basic data about location, direction, speed and braking status. These systems then decide whether or not to warn drivers about potential hazards or situations that could result in a crash.

This technology would be especially beneficial for left turns and passing through intersections. The NHTSA estimates that assisting drivers with these two maneuvers could reduce deaths, injuries and crashes by up to 50 percent.

If the NHTSA approves the proposal, it would take effect over a two to four-year period. That means if a final rule is issued in 2019, there would be a phase-in period beginning in 2021. All new vehicles would have to be in compliance with the rule by 2023.

The NHTSA proposal is set to be published on Jan. 12, with a 90-day comment period to follow. You can submit comments here.

Even if V2V technology is implemented across the board, there could still be traffic accidents that cause severe injuries or deaths. Victims of these accidents need aggressive legal representation to ensure their rights are protected and they receive all of the compensation they are entitled.

The car crash injury attorneys at The Nye Law Group have the experience you need following an accident. We have helped many victims of crashes obtain the compensation they need to help them recover from their injuries and move forward.

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