Understanding Veterans' Disability Benefits

Posted on behalf of The Nye Law Group on Oct 06, 2016 in Veterans' Benefits

army uniforms If you served in the United States Armed Forces and you are disabled due to service-related injuries, you may be eligible for complete or partial veterans' disability benefits.

These benefits are similar to Social Security Disability benefits because both are forms of monetary compensation that are paid on a monthly basis to qualifying applicants.

The exact dollar amount a veteran may receive depends on his or her percentage of disability, which ranges from 10 to 100 percent and is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The higher the percentage of disability, the higher the compensation.  

Benefits are not taxed at the state or federal level and may include travel expenses for treatment and rehabilitation.

Low-income veterans who are over the age of 65 and are permanently or totally disabled may be eligible for veterans' disability pension benefits in addition to disability benefits.

Qualifying for Veterans Disability Benefits

For a veteran to qualify for benefits, specific criteria need to be met:

  • The veteran must have a current medical disability or disease diagnosis.
  • The injury must have occurred during active service, whether air, military or naval.
  • The injury must be service-connected, meaning a direct correlation exists between service and the injury.

Veterans who were dishonorably discharged, suffered an injury attributed to misconduct or suffered an injury while deserting without leave will not be eligible for benefits.

The most important part of determining a veteran's eligibility for benefits is establishing that the injury or disease was related to service.

A direct service connection injury involves a veteran sustaining an injury directly caused by serving in the military. For example, if a service member loses an arm or leg in a grenade explosion.

The other type of service-connected injury involves a veteran who had a pre-existing medical condition prior to service that was aggravated during the time of service.

Chronic conditions presumed to be service-connected, like tuberculosis or multiple sclerosis, can also be service-connected injuries or illnesses.

In any of the above scenarios, it is imperative to document the medical disability and have evidence of when and where the injury occurred.

If you are a veteran who was disabled during your military service, contact The Nye Law Group's Savannah veterans' disability attorneys today to find out how we can help you navigate the often complex disability process and receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

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